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11 House Plans With Floor Plan You May Consider As Your First Home

We are all getting excited about having our first home, whether we decide to buy a newly-finished house or build our dream home. Our first house is always special to us because this is a product of hard work, and perseverance.


But nowadays, with increasing prices of home lots, construction materials and labor cost, building a house is not that easy. Budget is the number one consideration when we finally decide to build a house. For many of us who belong to low-income families, a small house that can provide a basic needs of the family is more than enough. A small house with two-bedroom, bathroom, dining and kitchen and a living room can be considered as our affordable living homes.

But the good things is we can always make a small house beautiful as the time goes by. What’s important is we have the right plan or design from the very start so that renovation or repair can be avoided. If you are looking for a house design that is suited not only for your budget but also for your family. Here are 10 small beautiful house design you may consider as your dream home.

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House Design 1

House Design 2


House Design 3

House Design 4

House Design 5

House Design 6

House Design 7

House Design 8

House Design 9

House Design 10

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