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12 Modern Houses With Amazing Facades Filipinos Can Copy

A house should always feel like home but it is also important that we should not compromise the style. House is often considered as a product of hard work, patience, and perseverance of a person. And when the time comes that we are able to build our house, we should choose a design that we can be proud of.


Here are 10 houses you can choose from if you are looking for your dream house. You can design your own floor plan using these facades. Some of these are beautiful small house design and there are bungalow house designs too. Be inspired looking at these new build house designs you can copy for free!

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House No. 1

House No. 2

House No. 3

House No. 4

House No. 5

House No. 6

House No. 7

House No. 8

House No. 9

House No. 10

House No. 11

House No. 12

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