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15 Two-Story Farm Houses With White and Cream Accent

Do you want your farmhouse to be simple but beautiful?

These two-story farmhouse designs and ideas are consist of white and cream accent. These houses have the perfect space for both small and large type of families. These houses are also very convenient in the atmosphere of rural areas.

We all know that in rural areas, houses are built in a huge area which is a positive side of living in these areas. In fact, if you are planning to build your own farmhouse, it is not a problem for you to build gardens and landscape in our backyard.

Cream and white accents are great colors for your house. It gives simple and clean ambiance into your house. It is also a sign that the owner cares for the house as he/she maintains its cleanliness. These are considered neutral color houses which allows them to stand out and yet will still complement the other houses around it.


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So we will give you ideas for your simple yet beautiful farmhouse. Aside from that, we have here 40 pictures of farmhouses with white and cream accent which will give you more designs for your own simple rural living in the future.

Scan these ideas and enjoy!


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