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5 Small to Mid-Sized Concrete Houses You Can Easily Build

Perhaps buying a home lot and building a house is one of the most expensive buys a person can make in his entire life. It is one of the overwhelming decision a person can make especially for young couples who are just starting a family. In searching for a home, there are many options in the market today! You can choose to stay in an apartment or buy a condo unit but a house is always a good idea in spite of the fact that it might be a little heavy on the budget for some families.

In choosing a house, it is important to choose what is durable especially if you are planning to stay in that same structure for the rest of your life. One of this is a house that is made of concrete materials. Concrete is one of the most common building material used by Filipino homeowners all over the Philippines. It is known for its durability and a cheaper alternative compared to other costly materials!

In a place where hot and humid climate both exist, a concrete house is an ideal choice!

House Design No. 1

House Design No. 2

House Design No. 3

House Design No. 4

House Design No. 5

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