65 Small And Narrow Block Two-Storey House Designs To Suit Different Tastes And Needs

When building a house on a limited part of your land, it’s better to build a two-story house. At the point when space is difficult to find it is a good decision to make upwards and maximize your potential living area. You also need to consider the features of your two-story narrow lot home. Do you like 4 bedrooms or 5? Do you have a starting family and need all of the bedrooms to be on the second floor or on the third floor? These are some questions you should ask yourself when you are looking for a narrow lot two-story house to build.



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 These house collections have 65 new house designs to suit all tastes, budgets and land sizes. These home designs vary in size, structure, elevation, with a variety of narrow block house designs available. Whether you are growing family or couples needing more space, these house designs are certainly suited for you, even if you wish to create a two-story house on a small land or narrow block. Explore all our beautiful home designs below.





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