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7 Most Practical Design for A Small House

One of the dream of a person is to have a decent home of his family. Buying or building a house nowadays is not easy because prices of homelot are increasing as well as prices of labor and material cost! This is the reason why oftentimes, pursuing a dream to have a house you call your own is challenging especially to those who are earning income just enough for the needs of the family.

But if we are determined, we can achieve our dream to have a house, even a small one. Many people are now downsizing their living and choose to live in a small house compared to those big and spacious dwelling. Small houses are practical and ideal choice! So if you are looking for a small house design, you could find some inspiration from these seven houses we compiled for you!

You may considered them small but after all, it can provide the homeowner its basic needs such a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room! Small houses mean small budget for construction! So if you have less than a million budget for a home, consider building houses like these!


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