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Delayed Salary in Saudi? You Can Transfer Employers According to Ministry of Labor

One of the common problems of expatriates working in Saudi Arabia or in any part of the world nowadays is the delayed salaries from their sponsor or employers. Some are delayed for one month while others getting delayed for more than three months or even a year. So what workers can do if these things happen to them? In Saudi Arabia, the Minister of Labor Mufrij Al-Haqbani, assures expat workers that they have the right to transfer sponsorship if their sponsor or employers delay their salary for more than three months.

According to Al-Haqbani, one of the most common complaints they received in the ministry is the delayed payment of salaries. Because of this concern, he said that they already activated video call services that will enable employees and workers to directly reach him. The service was launched last October and already available in Jeddah, Rafhaa, and Al-Dwadmi. The video call service is a part of the plan of the Ministry of Labor to facilitate the interaction between employees and the ministry.

“Callers can reach the minister or other officials in the ministry by calling customer service at 19911. Employers and employees no longer need to visit the main Labor Office in Riyadh to have their inquiries answered and paperwork processed,” said Al-Haqbani.

As of the moment, he said that there are 60 labor offices in the Kingdom offering the video calling service. Aside from this, he reiterates that delaying salaries of workers is a clear violation of the Saudi Labor Law.

“Workers have the right to transfer their sponsorship if their sponsors delay their salaries for three months. The workers do not need the permission of the sponsor in such cases and can sue the sponsor for delaying the salary,” said Al-Haqbani.

Al Haqbani reminds employers that they will have to pay the salary with compensation if the matter goes to court.

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