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OFW Accused of Stealing Money From Her Employer Pleading for Help

An overseas Filipino worker in Lebanon turned to social media to get help. The OFW is now in trouble as her employer accused her of stealing money from them.

She was about to come home soon because her employer wanted her to go home. Her employer lost his job and they said the OFW should pay for her own ticket.

One morning, she was asked by her employer to get dressed saying they will get their plane ticket back home but it never happened. Instead, her employer brought her to the agency accusing her of stealing their money.

OFW Eva hails from Davao del Sur and has 3 kids in the Philippines. She is pleading for help to at least be able to come home with her family.

She already asked her employer to allow her to leave and go back to the Philippines but her employer did not allow her at that time. According to Eva, her employer recently lost his job and finally allowed her to go home but the OFW must shoulder the expenses including her airfare. Of course, Eva did not agree.

On the 26th of December, her employer asked the OFW to dress up and said they will get a plane ticket for her to finally go home but it did not happen. Just before they leave for the ticket purchase, the employer asked her to remove all her clothes including her undergarments because their money was missing and she can be the only one that can possibly steal it.

The employer took her to the agency instead of buying a plane ticket and said to the agency owner that she has stolen their money, which the OFW firmly deny. They took all her belongings from her including her smartphone. She only managed to make a video with the help of an Ethiopian which is also at the agency. Eva said it is the only way she knows to let her family and friends know her situation. She said on the video that the police might arrest her the next morning. The OFW asked for help to all who can render assistance.

On May, the same OFW related the ordeal of her hellish life with her employer in Lebanon. How she spent her nights sleeping on the bathroom to prevent her employer from sexually molesting her.

She stayed with her employer hoping that the situation will get better and the employer will change his treatment towards her. Her contract ended last September but the employer did not allow her to go home. Now they are obviously making up stories to incriminate the poor OFW.

This OFW in Lebanon Is In NEED of HELP ASAP

(Kailangan po ng tulong ni Kabayan) This overseas Filipino in Lebanon is in need of help asap. Her employer wanted her to come back home to the Philippines but she will pay for her plane ticket because her Boss lost his job. Then the next day, they want her to be turned over to the agency or police because they said she stole money or something. Ang hirap naman ng sitwasyon ng isang kasambahay sa Middle East. Di mo alam kung saan ka papunta. Walang kamuwang muwang si Kabayan. Ngayon pinagbibintangan na.https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=549170078883962&id=100013729246756

Posted by PEBA, Inc. on Wednesday, December 26, 2018

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