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Most of us, overseas Filipinos are dreaming of that day when we can settle back home and be self-reliant or sustainable. We tried every business ideas, from setting us a sar-sari store, buying a tricycle, or a jeepney, or a taxi if we have enough money. Some of us put up some small and medium enterprise business like a water refilling station, or a franchise store. RJ, an OFW based in Saudi Arabia built a 4-door studio type concrete apartment at a cost of a little less than P175,000 per one studio door. He borrowed money (loaned) in a bank in Saudi Arabia. Right now, 3 doors of his apartment are being rented for Php2,000 a month in the province and 1 of the units is for his small family. After almost 4 years he was able to pay off his loan too. He is planning to loan another amount to build some more units so he can finally go back to Philippines.

He built this 4-door apartment in a 100 square meter lot.

Each door is 25SQM, 4meters x 6.2meters for bachelor or small family.

It is built with 1 room and small kitchen

1 bathroom / comfort room.

And a small receiving area/living room.

If you want a more elegant one, check this town house or duplex type 3 door, up and down apartment at a cost of P3.0M to P3.6M.

HousePlan Code: PHP-2014011

Bedrooms: 9

Bathrooms: 6

Floor Area: 260 sq.m.

Lot Size: 249 sq.m.

Garage: 3

Another cozy and elegant design is this 3-door apartment with up and down and 3 bedrooms each for P3.4M to P4.0M

HousePlan Code: PHP-2014010

Bathrooms: 3

Bedrooms: 9

Floor Area: 291 sq.m.

Lot Size: 168 sq.m.

They said that one of the surest source of income is an apartment for rent. What do you think, would you invest in an apartment business?

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