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OFW Swindled By Online GF

Social media has been a part of people’s everyday life.

People turn to it, especially the overseas Filipino workers who want to overcome boredom and homesickness.

It is a good way to connect with other people. In it, people can get useful pieces of information and the latest updates about anything.

For some, they even find someone whom they can jive with or even become their life partner.

Ed, an OFW in Saudi Arabia lives alone since they had been separated by his former wife.

He tried his luck in finding a new life partner and he found Jamaica who looks stunningly gorgeous on her profile photo.

He had been chatting with her for 9 months and developed a close mutual relationship with each other.

Ed even send money to Jamaica when the latter is having financial problems.

Things were working well until he decided to meet her personally.

He went home for a vacation just in time for the holidays.

The girl even asked him to give money for the tickets and promised to pick him up from the airport but Jamaica did not show up and he realized that he had been blocked to Jamaica’s social media account.

Ed sought the help of a local news outfit “Bandera” and with their resources, they found Jamaica in Palawan.

To Ed’s surprise, the Jamaica he knew was far from this Jamaica.

He also found out that the woman also presently has a live-in partner.

In spite of the whole truth that exploded on his face at that moment, the OFW still managed to forgive the woman who extorted money from him using a fake identity.

The OFW has flown back to Saudi Arabia to go on with his life and move on.


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