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OFWs Needed In Croatia, Slovakia And Montenegro

Filipinos seek work abroad for the sake of a better pay to give their families all they need. With the growing population of overseas Filipino workers (OFW), job opportunities rise as well. OFWs are now needed for deployment in Croatia, Montenegro, and Slovakia according to Philippine Association of Service Exporters, Inc. (PASEI).

Elsa Sevilla, PASEI President said that although these countries have their own skilled workers, they are now in the neighboring countries which offer higher salaries compared to what they are earning in their home country. This makes their own citizen leave their country and they need OFWs to fill-in their labor demands.

There is still no existing bilateral labor agreement between these countries and the Philippines but the deployment of OFWs is allowed by Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. POEA Administrator Bernard Olalia said that as long as they are given appropriate minimum pay, 8 hours of work, overtime pay and additional benefits is assured.

These countries economy is centered on tourism. They will be needing workers for the hospitality industry. The expected starting salary is from $800-$1000 and working overtime for 4 hours per day is also allowed. Croatia is initially needing 1000 OFWs and 600 for Slovakia.

POEA fervently remind every OFW to check every job orders with the POEA through their official website to avoid being victimized by illegal recruiters.

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