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Two OFWs Died In Dubai Allegedly Due To Stroke

Just before Christmas, two overseas Filipino worker, both women, died in Hong Kong according to the consulate officials.

Myla Sheila Caseno Soriao, 41 years old and a native of Calinog, Iloilo, died on Friday (Dec. 21) at the North District Hospital in Sheung Sui after suffering a stroke.

Another OFW, 60-year-old Filipino woman, known only from her initials J.C., was found dead in her friend’s home in Sai Kung on Thursday.

Soriao was taking her ward to a tutorial at around 2 pm on Dec. 1 when she suffered a stroke and was brought to the North District Hospital.

She died before dawn on Friday after she had a cardiac arrest at the hospital.

“We were able to visit her in the hospital but then she passed away,” a consulate official said.

Her repatriation back to the Philippines and the release of her benefits from the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration is now being spearheaded by the consulate.

Soriao orphaned her two sons, aged 16 and 20, in the Philippines. She had been working for 11 years in HK before the incident happened.

Consul General Antonio Morales earlier urged overseas Filipino workers in the city to take better care of their health after the consulate noticed a growing number of HK OFWs who suffered a stroke.

Meanwhile, the police are still trying to determine the cause of death of the Filipina woman found dead in Sai Kung.

Her body was found by her friend, a Hong Kong resident, at around 5:16 pm on Thursday according to the authorities.

“Investigators said she was unemployed so we are not sure if she was a domestic worker. The investigation continues,” the consulate official said.

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