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10 Country Destinations for OFWs this 2019

Still, working abroad will be part of Filipino’s life this 2019. In spite of the government’s claim that there are jobs available for everyone in the country, we cannot deny the fact that working abroad is still attractive to many Filipinos because of the availability of high-paying jobs, greater health benefits and the opportunity to travel the world.

This year the immediate, continuing and long-term need for Filipino skilled workers still exist globally. According to the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), at least 10 countries are now facing the greatest labor shortage where Filipinos can fill in.

According to OECD, the following are the 10 countries;

1. Japan

Due to the highest percentage of a labor shortage at 81 percent, the country is now open to hiring thousands of foreign workers. It said that Japan will be needing around 500,000 workers by 2025 particularly in the fields of agriculture, nursing, construction, hotel, and shipbuilding.

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2. Australia

Australia is another country where Filipinos are still in demand and have a chance to apply for permanent residency by meeting the requirements and points required through SkillSelect based on age, skills assessment, work experience, education, and other factors.

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3. Germany
Due to the aging population and shortage of skilled workers, the German government is offering a six-month job search visa for those who can demonstrate to support themselves and be proficient in the German language.

4. Canada

Canada has the most number of Filipinos with permanent resident status — 837,130 based on the census conducted in May 2016, next to the United States. Low-skilled migrants with limited language or English proficiency are welcome in some Canadian provinces.

5. New Zealand

Agriculture or farm workers, horticulture and viticulture are traditionally in-demand jobs in New Zealand. But recently construction workers such as welders, mechanics, fabricator, and heavy machine operators are now needed in some places of New Zealand such as Christchurch.

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The United Kingdom, France, the United States of America, South Korea and Saudi Arabia will complete the list. This is in spite of the fact that the US is imposing strict immigration policy while Saudi Arabia continues to implement Saudization.

That’s it, so if you are planning to work abroad this year considered carefully the above-mentioned countries. Good luck!