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2017 Top 10 IDEAS for OFWs to Invest

Before an OFW can return to the Philippines for good, a lot of considerations should be made, one of which is that “If I decided to go home for good, will I be able to sustain my family’s financial needs?”

Financial stability is one of the reason why the OFWs decided to work abroad. You will often hear most of the OFWs say: “A few more years and I will stop working abroad to be able to be with my beloved family..”

Yes, easier said than done. But it can be made possible by proper planning. What you need to do is to think of an investment, a business for example, that you can start to sustain your family that does not require you to work abroad.

An ex-OFW who is now a successful businessman in a field he has chosen after working abroad once said that you need to plan for your return for good to the Philippines even before you can actually work abroad. Set your plans and stick to it. Choose a profitable business that suits your talent and resources.

Here are the 10 Investment suggestions for OFWs who wants to go back home for good:

1. Put up a travel agency.

2. Recruitment Agency business.

3. Buy and sell.

4. Online selling or online store

5. Invest in Stock Market

6. Variety store business

7. Food Cart business

8. Venture in Restaurant Franchising

9. Bank Mutual Funds Investing

10. Investing in Real Estate

Consider these suggestions and carefully weigh things for the business investment you are planning to do.

Early planning will allow you to properly invest your hard-earned money into a profitable income generator that will allow you earn without leaving your family behind.

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