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345,000 Foreign Workers Needed in Japan for This 14 Job Categories

Fourteen industries in Japan is in need of more than 300,000 foreign workers and to attract applicants, Japan will lunch a new employment track on April where workers will have a chance to bring their families and have an “immigrant status”.

According to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), the new employment track will be called “Specified Skilled Workers Visa” and will be different from the Technical Internship Training Program (TITP) where applicants are being deployed as “trainee”.

POEA Administrator Bernard Olalia explains that under the new visa, TITP workers can be migrated into full-time workers! Olalia said there are two categories in the new program that will depend on the skills and jobs of the worker. A worker he said can be given a five-year contract or more than five-year contract and a chance to bring his families and apply for an immigrant visa.

This is Japan’s new measure to attract foreign workers because, in spite of the booming industries, the population is small and already aging. Aside from this Japan will also host the 2020 summer Olympics where foreign workers are expected to do some preparatory works.

In total, the country is in need of 345,000 workers but this is not exclusive for Filipino workers but for all foreign workers! Foreign workers are needed in the following job categories.

1. Care workers
2. Food service industry
3. Construction
4. Agriculture
5. Manufacture of food and beverages
6. Accommodation industry
7. Building cleaning management
8. Machine parts and tooling
9. Industrial machinery
10. Fishery and aquaculture
11. Electric, electronics, and information
12. Aviation industry
13. Automobile repair and maintenance
14. Shipbuilding and ship machinery

For interested, Olalia reminded that applicants must pass two very important requirements — Language proficiency exam and the skills test Foreign workers in Japan may earn up to P50,000 a month or more depending on the job.

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