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You Too Can Be A Millionaire By Doing This Business

Many people say that you cannot be rich just by being an employee in your entire life even if you are having a high salary. The way to being rich is to study the best business options, start your own business and learn how to make it grow bigger.

This saying seems correct to the lives of Reynante and Raquel Manimtim, a couple from San Juan in Batangas, who once decided to resign from their regular job and put up a very small business starting from P1,000 capital.
They started selling banana cue at first, then they added more items as their capital begins to roll. Later they added “turon”, sandwiches, pancit, lumpia, spaghetti, kikiam— they vend it around their neighborhood and after a tiring day, they earn only P100 to P150, not even enough to buy food for the two of them in one day.

Eventually, they decided to sell “siomai”. After some time, their siomai sales has grown and they were able to buy a bicycle with a cart made of bamboo and tarpaulin roofing. Using this new transpo equipped with a charcoal stove for steaming their best selling siomai, they can even reach more places and of course, it means more sales.

One of their customers introduced them to the idea of taking a small business loan from the bank. They loaned an amount of P25,000 and bought a motorcycle, made a mobile food cart. that was on 2015.

A year later, they were able to purchase more motorcycles. The business that started by Manimtim couple — named “Princess Siomai”, has now 11 motorized food carts roaming around different parts of Batangas and even reaching Calamba, Laguna.

Their dream house was also built, and now has 1,300 sqm stock room and another parcel of land in Batangas. With the help of their business which started small, they had also fulfilled their dream to have a church wedding.

Their diligence and hard work were also recognized by their local government. They were given an award at the 15th CITI Microentrepreneurship Awards.
Reynante and Raquel Manimtim once again proved that riches could start from small beginnings. From earning P100-P150 a day, now they can earn as much as P50,000 in just one day!

Starting your own business doesn’t require having a huge capital. It doesn’t even need for you to sell your house. Food businesses are the best small business option. Everyone wants to eat and at the end of the day, you can determine how much profit you got and you can roll over your capital by buying more products for your daily operation. 

Determine your skills and capability and make a specialty from your own recipe and as you start building clients, make your products consistent. Your market will build-up over time if you maintain the good quality of food and service. You’ll never know, as you enjoy doing your business, money will continuously flow and before you know it, you already got lots of it.

The very basic ingredients that you need are diligence, hard work and a strong faith in God. Anyone can be a millionaire from a business that started small. 

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