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8 Bungalow Home Blueprints and Floor Plans that Combines Style and Comfort + 7 Advantage of Bungalow Living

When building a house, design is important, but as a homeowner, you must consider also the advantage of living in a house with a specific design.

For example, you want to have a bungalow house because of its design, but don’t you know that there is a surprising advantage in living in it?

Here are the Seven Surprising Benefits of Living in a Bungalow House and some beautiful pictures of Bungalow houses that combine style and comfort. (Photos from homily)

1. Great for Seniors.

We have to accept it, all of us will grow old and became a senior citizen. If you want a house that is for keeps, consider having a one-storey layout of a bungalow. The design has a perfect living situation for seniors. Homeowners even in senior age can maintain independence with this accessible floor plan. Bungalow living is an advantage too for those who have hip issues, having to navigate up and down stairs daily can be quite taxing.

2. Accommodate Mobility Limitations

Bungalows are great homes for individuals with mobility limitations. People with wheelchairs or stretchers can move easily and comfortably accessing different areas of the house even without the help of other family members.

3. Kid-Friendly Living

Bungalows are a perfect fit for families with young children. Having your young children tumble down the stairs is a common fear for many parents, but even just having the kids playing on a different floor can be a cause of worry. With this, Bungalow is considered to be a family-friendly house.

4. Open-Plan Design

Many people enjoy the bright, spacious, and open feel of bungalow living. With the right layout, everything feels airy and sunny as opposed to other home designs that might feel cramped and dim.

5. Privacy

Bungalows are often built on nice large lots. As opposed to townhomes and split houses, bungalows offer a lot of privacy. You will love and appreciate a nice wide lot with a gorgeous backyard, especially in the summer.

6. Flexible for Additions

There’s an added benefit to the large lots on which bungalows are usually built. You can provide a space to accommodate additions if you want to expand your living space in the future.

7. High-Demand for Resell

Because bungalows offer so many great benefits, they are always in high-demand. Should you ever decide to place your bungalow on the market, there will be much attention. Put yourself in an advantageous position should you ever decide to move on and sell your home by choosing to buy a bungalow.





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