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Airport Comparable With Singapore’s Changi, Soon To Rise In The Philippines

An airport terminal expected to be completed by 2020 at the Clark International Airport will be built by a subsidiary of Changi Airports International.

Filipino travelers and overseas workers can expect a quality airport experience in the Philippines even comparable with the services rendered by Singapore’s best airport.

The Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) awarded the bid to The North Luzon Airport Consortium (NLAC) for the operations and maintenance of the Clark Airport in December 2018

There will be a new terminal at the Clark Airport which will be fitted out by the Gotianuns’ Filinvest Development Corporation, the Gokongweis’ JG Summit Holdings Inc., and Changi Airport Philippines Pte. Ltd. (CAP).

CAP is a wholly owned subsidiary of Changi Airports International, the company behind Singapore’ main airport Changi International Airport.

The NLAC will only be responsible for the operations and maintenance of the existing and new terminals of the Clark International Airport. They will not build the new terminal since Megawide-GMR consortium will be the one responsible for that.

The amount of P9.36 billion is allotted by Megawide-GMR consortium for the construction of the new terminal which is expected by the Department of Transportation to be operational by 2020.

On the other hand, NLAC will provide the development of the commercial assets of the terminal including the provision of necessary equipment, technology, furniture, decorations, and the like. It is expected to be completed by 2021, a year after the Megawide-GMR consortium turns over the terminal to NLAC.

Megawide-GMR said in a joint disclosure, “ NLAC plans to leverage technology where possible, to enhance productivity, build a culture of service excellence and provide training to ensure the processes and services are delivered correctly.”

Meanwhile, Changi Airports International CEO Lim Liang Song was quoted as saying, “Building on the airport’s geographical position and catchment, we will grow the airport’s network and provide passengers with a superior airport experience including a brand new commercial area. In addition to global brands, the new airport terminal will also have a curated selection of retail and food and beverage outlets that showcases the best of what The Philippines has to offer.”

Clark International Airports capacity will be boosted from 4.2 million passengers per year to 12.2 million after the completion of the project.

“The consortium will also tap on the expertise of the Philippine Airport Ground Support Solutions, Inc. to provide excellent ground handling services that meet and exceed international standards,” Megawide-GMR added

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