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Careless Words That Can Hurt Your Children For Life

Words can mean nothing at times but it can also bring harm to anyone that can last a lifetime. Your kids could hear the harshest word not from the bullies at school, not from the neighborhood playmates, but side their own home. Mean words could be meaner when it comes from the mouth of the ones you love so we better be careful with every word that comes out of our lips.

The mere sound and tone of our voice could give them the impression whether you are angry or not. A shout accompanied with harsh word can be damaging more than physical contact. It will remain inside of them for years and much difficult to undo.

Harsh words spoken on a child could inflict their inner self, leading to an aggressive or timid behavior as they grow older. Words from older people especially their parents could be suggestive of what they could possibly become.

For instance, a child who forgot to do his/her homework should not be called “lazy” or “dumb”. Name calling or branding would make them feel that they are what really their parents call them. It suggests that they live up to their branding , thus, it will manifest on their behavior. A child repeatedly called a “dumb” will think that they will never learn no matter how hard they try.

Favoritism among siblings can also affect a child’s behavior. Favoring a more cuter child over their not so good looking siblings could be intimidating to the not-so-cute siblings. They may think that they are ugly even when they grow up.

It can be insulting to the other siblings and the parents are not even aware that they are pulling the other children down and losing their self-esteem.

Bullying can start at home without even the parents knowing.

“Bullying involves power. The bully has to have power over the other,” says Carandang. An instance that a father bully his wife infront of their children suggests a certain thing.

In such cases, while the children grow up hating their father, they feel a deep resentment towards their mother asking “why she is allowing herself to be treated by their father like that?”

Labelling, name-calling, branding, favoritism is a form of bullying that can happen at home. As parents, the last thing you may want for your child is to harm them. Home is where they should feel protected and loved.

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