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How Workers Can Benefit From “Work From Home Law”

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has already started drafting the implementing rules and regulation of the Telecommuting Law or also known as Work From Home Law!

President Rodgrigo Duterted signed Republic Act 11165 last December 20. According to the principal author of the law Senator Joel Villanueva, it aims to promote work-life balance and address traffic congestion and its effect on the economy. He added that the work-from-home program is optional and it will depend on the mutual agreement between the workers and the employers.

Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Secretary Silvestre Bello III said they are now in the process of fine-tuning the details of the law which gives private-sector employees the privilege to work from outside the office.
Under the law, telecommuting employees will enjoy the following benefits

  • Receive a rate of pay, including overtime and night shift differential, and other similar monetary benefits not lower than those provided in applicable laws, and collective bargaining agreements
  • Right to rest periods, regular holidays, and special non-working days
  • Equivalent workload and performance standards as those of comparable workers at the employer’s premises
  • Same access to training and career development opportunities as those of comparable workers at the employer’s premises, and be subject to the same appraisal policies covering these workers
  • Receive appropriate training on the technical equipment at their disposal, and the characteristics and conditions of telecommuting
  • Same collective rights as the workers at the employer’s premises, and shall not be barred from communicating with workers’ representatives
  • In all cases, the employer shall provide the telecommuting employee with relevant written information in order to adequately apprise the individual of the terms and conditions of the telecommuting program and the responsibilities of the employee.

Not only that, right? because working from home brings a lot of advantages.
Working from home allows employees to avoid spending money on commuting or traveling to work on a daily basis. They’ll also reduce other work-related expenses like buying clothes and shoes for work and buying lunch or merienda.

And one of the most important things about this is the perfect work/family balance! Having a balance between your work and family is one of the biggest challenges of many employees. With work schedules starting early in the morning plus the traffic, you need to get up early and sometimes your work extended up to late nights. With this, it is hard to find time to be with your family. But when an employee spends a better part of the day working from home, it’s easier to interact and spends quality time with family.

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