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List of Foreclosed Properties from Landbank of the Philippines

If acquiring property is one of your goal this 2019, you should early start searching for the right one for you. Have you heard about foreclosed properties from banks or financial institutions? These real properties are much cheaper compared to properties being sold in a real property market! Foreclosed properties are attractive to buyers because of lower selling prices.

So if you are looking for foreclosed properties, here are the following list from Land Bank of the Philippines. Prices of properties start at P50,000 as the lowest! Check the real estate foreclosure listing below from the Land Bank where you can find both agricultural and residential lot. If you are lucky enough, you may acquire one of these properties at a cheap price compared to those in the market!

Note: Jbsolis.com is not affiliated with Land Bank and this post is not a sponsored. All information below is for general purpose only. If you are interested in any of these properties, contact directly with the bank’s branches in your area or in contact info listed in this post. Any transaction you entered towards the bank or any of its broker is at your own risk and account.

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