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List of Highest Paying Jobs Abroad You Need to Know If You Want to be OFW

It looks like that the demand for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) abroad is still increasing and may still increase in the coming years. Be it skilled or unskilled workers and even professionals. We cannot deny that OFWs are earning more compared to what they get in working in the country.

So if you are planning to work abroad, you should consider taking courses or professions that will land you to the highest paying jobs abroad. According to WorkAbroad.ph, United States offered the highest paying jobs to Filipinos last year. Check the list below!

The US

Ship Masters – P99,000 a month

Chief Engineers – P96,000 a month

Chief Officers – 92,000 a month

Nurses with 5 or more experience – P80,000

Skilled Workers included sea-based electricians and oilers – P34,000 – P64,000

The Middle East

Pediatricians – P86,000 a month
General Practitioners – P81,000 month
Orthopedic Doctors – P79,000

Dentist – P79,000

Dermatologist – P47,000

Nurses – P65,000

Veterinarians – P58,000

Land-based engineers – P57,000

Mechanics and Electrical Engineer – P42,000-P50,000

Driver’s Electrician and Technicians – P30,000 – P35,000

Cooks, Waiter, and Baristas – P33,000-P40,000

It said that engineering-related mechanics and electrical technicians are still in demand in the Middle East. Also for drivers, electricians, and air-conditioning, auto, plumbing, and maintenance technicians.

The Asia Pacific

Engineers and technical operators – P38,000-P59,000

IT professionals with 4-year experience – P54,000

Factory workers, production and machine operators and welders – P35,000
Carpenters, domestic helpers, and caretakers – P30,000-P34,000

According to WorkAbroad.ph senior marketing manager Rowena Cielo Sonza, aspirants can also get ahead of the competition by getting the necessary work experience in the Philippines before applying for jobs abroad. This is because overseas jobs require experience.
Top Countries for Deployment
On the other hand, Saudi Arabia still on the number list as top employer or destination for OFWs. Last year, more than 60,000 OFWs deployed in Saudi Arabia or around 54% of total deployment.
Here are the top 10 countries in terms of available jobs for OFWs last year:
1. Saudi Arabia – 61,534
2. Qatar 16,083
3. UAE – 7231
4. Kuwait – 5,310
5. Bahrain 3,725
6. Oman – 3,661
7. US – 3,017
8. New Zealand – 1,190
9. Malaysia – 1,094
10. Taiwan – 861

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