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OFW, Allegedly Raped 5 Times By Arab Agency Representative In KSA

Armed with a dream of a better job abroad to be able to help her family, a Filipina pushes her plan to work overseas.

Lina, real name withheld, went to Saudi Arabia to work as a household service worker. Barely 5 days working with her first sponsor, an agency representative in Saudi Arabia picked her up to be transferred to another employer for an unknown reason. At the hotel where they are staying, the Saudi national allegedly raped her 5 times, according to the OFW.

Lina sought the help of her colleague who promptly called the authorities for help. The suspect was brought to the Philippine consulate in Riyadh.

The victim had already filed rape complaints against the Saudi suspect. The victim also underwent medical tests.

Labor Attache Nasser Munder warned the agencies that the incident should be a warning to the recruitment agencies.

As a recruiter, they must be concerned with the safety of the Overseas Filipino Workers they deploy. They should be the first to protect them. Appropriate actions will be taken by the Philippines and Saudi authorities against them if they are proven to commit any form of abuse against the OFWs they deploy.

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