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OFW Found Love From Playing Online RPG

Many people found their life partners through many unexpected circumstances and from there, lived a happy and peaceful married life.

A Saudi-based overseas Filipino worker (OFW) has caught the attention of netizens after she shared her story on how she was able to find love through an online game.

The OFW named Samra, 23, became a trending topic online after she narrated the story on how she fell in love and got married to her boyfriend Triston, a 21-year-old American man who she met by playing an online game.

Their story got featured on GMA-7’s KMJS, wherein Samra related that she was working as a household service worker in Saudi Arabia when she came to know her American husband.

Through an online game,  they started chatting and video calling which eventually turned into something more deeper and intimate.

After a while, they became a long-distance couple.

Triston decided to pop the question to Samra and he got a yes.

Last December, they finally married each other in the Philippines. Triston even got converted to Samra’s religion, Islam, which is required for him to get married to his girlfriend who is a Moslem.

They even got married twice — A traditional Muslim wedding and a modern wedding afterward.

Triston is planning to take Samra and bring her with him to the United States and get a US citizenship for them to be able to start their life as a married couple.

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