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OFW In Saudi Arabia At Risk Of Imprisonment For Having Illicit Affair


Warning to OFWs in the Middle East who have illicit affairs abroad and neglected their families in the Philippines: you might be at risk of being imprisoned and deported.

A husband who had been left by her wife who is an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) sought the help of Mr. Raffy Tulfo.

He was complaining about the negligence of his wife who admitted to having illicit affair with another OFW who is working as an engineer in Saudi Arabia.

The alleged concubine even taunted the husband to try and sue them if he has a brain.

Mr. Tulfo tried to reach the alleged boyfriend of the OFW wife and upon questioning, admitted that they had an affair but he said that it was in the past and they never met personally.

They also talked to the cheating wife who said she will take her kids but Mr. Tulfo said that he will use anything in his power to stop her from doing so.” Over my dead body,” Tulfo said.

They also found out that it is not the first time that she had relationships outside their marriage. The husband revealed that he even found out that his wife also had an affair with a lesbian and 2 more guys before having a forbidden relationship with a fellow OFW.

Mr. Tulfo through his program has called the attention of Overseas Workers Welfare Administration Deputy Director Arnell Ignacio and he said he will use all his connections to locate and arrest the OFW wife and her alleged boyfriend.

The engineer repeatedly said that they no longer have a relationship and that was only by chatting. they never really met each other personally.

However, unless there will be a settlement between the husband and the OFW wife, the offenders will be facing imprisonment because having an illicit relationship is forbidden in KSA and the mere fact that the man admitted that they had a relationship on national TV can be used as an evidence that may bring both of them behind bars.

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