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OFW, Instant Millionaire In Dubai

A domestic worker in the UAE who has been a good nanny reaped the fruit of her labor.

Even in her wildest dreams, she never dreamt of being a millionaire. Until one day, she was bewildered by an award of being the best nanny. A title with a prize of P1 million.

Rosie Villa hails from Ilo-ilo. She worked before in a hotel due to her passion for doing house chores. When she got pregnant and abandoned by her boyfriend, she decided to go and work abroad for the future of her daughter. Her daughter was only 1 year old when Rosie went abroad and worked as a domestic worker in Singapore. She went on working for almost 9 years without even taking a vacation. She endured the ill-treatment of her Chinese boss just for the sake of her daughter. Working hard without even a day-off.

Rosie recalled the first time she went home after 9 long years and her daughter Karen would not even recognize who she is. It made her cry.

On 2013, she had a chance to work for an Argentinian-American family based in Dubai, UAE who treated her well. Her sponsor is also grateful that they have her at home and treated her as a member of the family.

Without Rosie’s knowledge, her sponsors nominated her at a prestigious contest in the UAE as the best nanny. Out of the 42 candidates, Rosie was selected as the best nanny in the entire UAE. She bagged a price of AED 70,000 which is equivalent to P1,000,000.

Even after winning the award, Rosie said she will still continue working until her daughter finished her studies and then she will come home for good.

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