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OFW Newlyweds Who Went In The Maldives For A Honeymoon, Drowned

An OFW couple having a honeymoon in the Maldives died on Sunday, January 13, due to drowning, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA.) confirmed.

According to DFA., the couple, who hailed from Laguna, was recently married and flew to the Maldives on January 9 for their honeymoon.

The 30-year-old  Erika, An OFW in Saudi Arabia and her 29-year-old husband Leomer, also an OFW in Singapore, were guests in a resort in Dhiffushi island and were snorkeling when they started drowning.

Both were rescued by resort workers but were pronounced dead upon arrival at a local hospital.

A source from the island told the news agency that the then-unidentified man drowned first, then the woman sought help.

“However, by the time someone had reached them on a dinghy, they were both motionless, afloat on the surface of the water,” the report read.

The Philippine Embassy in Dhaka, which has jurisdiction over the Maldives, has been instructed to coordinate with authorities and to make arrangements for the repatriation of the newlyweds, the D.F.A. said in a statement.

Mhapolle, Leomer”s sister, remembers her brother and her sister-in-law as “amazing” and “down to earth” people. They were both responsible eldest and their families’ breadwinner.

Leomer and Erika’s family and friends are now seeking help in collecting over a million pesos, or USD634,000 for each body, to bring the remains back home.

DFA said that they are now in touch with the family of the two overseas workers and has assured the family of its assistance in the repatriation of the couple’s remains.



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