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OFWs, Travelers Can Now Monitor Their Baggage Better At The NAIA


In the midst of controversies about tampered, mishandled, damaged and pilfered baggage at the Philippines’ prime airport, the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), the airport management is accordingly doing its part in improving the passenger experience. Manila International Airport Authority general manager Ed Monreal said that they are looking into this particular issue and doing the appropriate actions. In fact, the airport management has installed additional closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) cameras at the baggage section. Now the passengers, especially the overseas Filipino workers (OFW) can monitor their baggage in real time.

The CCTV monitors can be viewed at the airport’s baggage carousel. The airport spent about a million in its effort to provide security on the passenger’s baggage.

They can be seen in every baggage carousels. It allows the passenger to make sure that their baggage is handled properly from the baggage gates to the carousel where they can finally do the baggage claim.

Monreal assured the passenger passing through the NAIA that the management is doing necessary fixes to address the flaws of the airport in terms of facilities and services as well as security issues.

Recently, the US embassy in the Philippines has issued a security advisory to their citizens that will pass through NAIA  stating that the airport is not following ICAO and TSA standards.

Monreal said that they are working on the issue and assured the public that they will follow international standards for the security of the travelers.



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