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The content of this list is based on the domestic labor and the law issued by the Council of Ministry, Article No. (310) as on 09/07/1434 H

Daily off-hours

The domestic labor shall be allowed to enjoy a daily rest for at least nine hours a day.

Weekly Rest

The domestic labor may get one day off per week, based on the agreement of the parties in the contract

Medical Care

Medical Care shall be provided to the domestic labor in accordance with the rules and regulations enforced in the Kingdom.

Sick Leave

The domestic labor shall be entitled for a paid sick leave not exceeding thirty days per year upon a medical report proving his/her need for the sick leave.


Upon Renewing the Contract

The domestic labor is entitled for one month paid vacation upon completion of two years of service, and wanted renewal for a similar period.

End of Service Benefit

The domestic labor shall be entitled for end of service award of one month pay, if he/she completed four consecutive years in the service of the employer.

For grievances, you can send a message via Twitter or Call the Saudi Labor offices or the ministry’s customer service department, Twitter account @MOL CARE or at the Call Center on 19911.


Saudi Arabia Domestic Labor RightsThe content of this list is based on the domestic labor and the law issued by the…

Posted by Frank Resma on Monday, January 25, 2016

You can show this to your Boss or Madam and they can read theirs and your legal rights and obligation or ask them to visit www.musaned.gov.sa

These are your obligations and responsibilities and what they expect from you. Read them.

Source: Saudi Domestic Labor Program

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