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BEWARE: These Apps Can Kill Your Beloved Kids

Gadgets like tablets, smartphones and the likes were used to educate children by allowing them to learn new things through educational videos and kids’shows. They can also play games using different game applications.

Gadgets are also being attributed to the modern kids being severed of their physical connection to the world. many kids often choose to be alone with their gadgets instead of mingling with other kids or even their families.

Parents are warned to watch their kids especially on the apps they download and use. Apps that can kill your beloved kids. Parents must be aware of their kids’ activities even about what kind of games they play or the videos they watch.

Be specially watchful about the two most influential game challenge circulating in social media. Two of which are said to be the most popular The Momo App and the Blue Whale Challenge.

Victims are given 50 challenges which they need to complete. It includes harming themselves, watching horror movies, isolating themselvesĀ and not talking to other people and committing a suicide at the end of the challenge.

One of the latest victims was CJ, an 11-year-old kid who is supposed to be graduating in elementary but he will no longer be able to do it. He was reportedly ingested gout tablets which caused his early demise.

According to his parents, CJ lately stays up late watching horror movies. There was also an instance when CJ told them that he saw one of his classmates lacerate himself inside their classroom. The most disturbing thing is the words which came from his own mouth when he was in the hospital. His mother recalled him saying: “I will follow my master and I will kill them all.”

These apps were first seen in 2016 targeting young kids who are fond of using gadgets. In Dubai, UAE, the police authorities warned parents about the Momo app advising parents to watch their kids and should any signs of abnormal activities, they should seek professional help at once.

Kids are also advised to avoid clicking any pop-outs which may potentially redirect them to these kind of apps. Everybody must be especially watchful of the links they click or people they converge with. Your kids life are at stake.

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