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Debts Paid By “Good Samaritan” In UAE, Filipino Prisoner Returning Home Soon

A Filipino prisoner in UAE was surprised by the authorities when he was released from prison in Sharjah after serving one year and three months in jail.

Albert Santos Gayd was surprised with the news that he would be released from the Sharjah Reformatory and Punitive Establishment (SRPE),

In 2017. He was arrested after using a cheque in paying his landlord in Sharjah. Unfortunately, the cheque bounced.

Although his case is bailable, he was not able to do it because there was no one to pay the bail for him at that time.

However,  authorities said that his debts were paid off and that he could return to the Philippines.

“God put me in this situation because I was away from him. When I was in jail I read the Bible a hundred times and I prayed all day. Here, the authorities allow all inmates to practice their religion and they respect everyone’s beliefs. I was provided with the Bible and anything I asked them to practice my religion. The treatment I received here was very good,” Gayd said.

In an event in UAE called the Year of Tolerance, there were 20 inmates that had been freed including Gayd.