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Filipina In Dubai Jailed For Death Threats And Posting Husband’s Private Photos Online

A Filipina woman stood trial before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday, February 17, for threatening to kill her husband and posting his “private” family photos on social media.

Following a heated argument, the 34-year old Filipina allegedly created Facebook and Instagram accounts under the name of her Yemeni husband where she posted the latter’s family photos without his consent in an effort to defame him, according to Khaleej Timesreport.

The Filipina also sent threatening and abusive messages to her husband through WhatsApp, Messenger and Snapchat.

She was arrested on December 16, 2018 after a complaint was filed at the Al Qusais police station.

Before the court, the Filipina admitted to posting photos of her husband’s family on social media. She also admitted that she threatened to kill her husband on the messaging apps.

If the court convicts the Filipina of the crime, she will face legal charges for making threats, verbal abuse, and libel.

A ruling will be issued on February 26.

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