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Filipino DH In HK Allegedly Fed Human Waste To Her Employer’s Husband

“My husband wrote down the words and showed me,” Wong was quoted as telling Eastern Deputy Magistrate Selma Masood on Feb. 12. “I asked my maid, ‘You gave him feces to eat?’ But the maid denied it and said, ‘Why would I do that?’”

It is the statement of a 47-year-old businesswoman from Hong Kong who recently testified that their Filipina domestic helper gave her late husband human waste to eat.

H.S. Wong, not her full name, said that her partially paralyzed husband, who died last August 2018, initially told her through writing that their helper, Ivy B.R. gave him his own feces to eat. Wong did not believe her 60-year-old husband’s stories.

Wong’s testimony was made during Ivy’s trial, who is charged with common and indecent assault. According to the report, a CCTV footage presented as evidence showed that Ivy allegedly hit Wong’s husband with a plastic stool, and also touched his genitals.

The husband’s left side of the body became paralyzed due to a stroke in December 2016. Since her husband could barely eat, speak or walk, Wong then hired Ivy in 2017 so she could take care of him .

Ivy’s lawyer has since defended that his client did not maliciously hit Wong’s husband with a plastic stool. Instead, they said she lightly hit his right hand to remind him not to touch his own feces. The lawyer also said that Ivy had to touch his genitals whenever she had to change his diaper.

Meanwhile, Wong attested that she would also lightly hit her husband’s hand whenever he would attempt to touch his feces. She also said that Ivy would sometimes mimic her and do the same in her presence.

“When I went to bed, we had to tie his hand,” she said in the report. “If the blanket and bed is full of faces, if that happens, the entire home would smell.”

Ivy faces up to 10 years in prison for indecent assault if proven guilty, according to the report.


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