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Lifetime Mobile Number, Now Possible With New Law


Informing our families, friends, and acquaintances with our new number is one of the problems when we choose to change our service provider or network here in the Philippines. But this thing can be considered now as history after President Rodrigo Duterte signed into law the Mobile Number Portability Act.

This law gives you as a subscriber the power to keep or retain your mobile or cellphone number for the rest of your lives, even if you want to change your network preference from Globe to Smart or vice versa!

Free of Charge!

Under the lawn also allow mobile providers to have the option to change their subscription plan from postpaid to prepaid or vice-versa. It should also only take companies 48 hours to completely process the switch or subscription change.

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian, author of the bill welcomed the move and said that the law makes mobile numbers “portable” ensuring consumers that they may keep their mobile numbers if they ever switch to a different telco provider or change their subscription plans.

Keeping your old number while changing network should also be free of charge.

“I thank President Duterte for signing this landmark legislation and I congratulate everyone who worked tirelessly to make this a reality,” he said.
The Mobile Number Portability Act also prohibits telecommunication companies from charging interconnection fees for domestic calls and texts

Public Telecommunication Entities (PTEs) who will violate this law would face fines up to P1 million and revocation of their franchise. Within six months, the Implementing Rules and Regulation (IRR) of the new law will be published for the implementation.
According to Malacanang, Duterte signed the law last February 8. It was November 13, 2018, when the Congress ratified the bill or the Republic Act No 11202.

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