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OFW Allegedly Had 4 Illicit Affairs

A certain Joseph Chavez sought the help of Mr. Raffy Tulfo, a news personality who is very popular in helping people through his program Raffy Tulfo in Action, regarding her wife who allegedly had 4 concubines.

According to Joseph, his wife, who is working overseas, went home to the Philippines but she never came back to her kids and husband. The wife allegedly stayed in Davao with her new live-in partner. According to the estranged wife, it is so because she doesn’t have savings or anything to give her kids.

Every overseas Filipino worker long to be with their family no matter what the situation may be. Even if they have nothing for them, their mere presence is enough. In the case of the OFW wife, it is clear that she was only making up reasons not to be with her own family.

Watch the first video of the case aired February 2, 2019

Raffy Tulfo recognized her sacrifice of sending all her money instead of buying food for herself. However, Mr. Tulfo sensed hatred on her childrens’ word. It seems like her kids were only after her money.

There will be no more painful words than you hear your own children saying “if you do not want to be with our father anymore then you must forget us as well.”

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