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OFW In Hong Kong Saved P145K In Six Months

(*Watch the video at 59:15 to skip to the story.)

An overseas Filipino worker in Hong Kong has found a way to have savings by keeping her every HK$20 in an empty container.

In a span of only 6 months, she saved about HK$21,760 which is equivalent to P145,062.

Janine Navio, an OFW in Hong Kong said that since she had enough money for her personal needs, she decided to keep every HK$20 from changes and extra payment for the things her sponsor ask her to do outside her duties as a household worker.

After filling up her first jar, she is now working to fill another jar and this time she said, she will not only put HK$20, she wil also keep HK$50 as well.

To do this challenge, you need to know your priorities and you need to help self-discipline as this OFW did.

“You need to know what is needs and wants…,” Janine said

Meanwhile, another OFW in UAE also set a challenge for herself to keep every AED10 that she have into a plastic bottle and check at he end of the year how much she could save.

OFWs must bear in mind that working abroad is not permanent. Time will come that they will eventually come home for whatever reasons.

It is important that they have saved enough amount of money should this time come.

doing this challenge could be an alternative if you are skeptical in joining or starting new investments.

One thing is for sure, you must have enough savings and you must do something starting now.

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