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OFWs, Do Not Upload Photos Of Your Employers on Social Media

Uploading pictures of other people in social media without their permission is a big No-No, especially if the purpose is to humiliate, insult or dishonor the person. Here in the Philippines, although we have a law against it, the filing of charges is seldom. However, if you are Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), posting of pictures in social media should be considered carefully.

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for example, uploading photos of other people without their consent is illegal and a crime! This includes photos of your employer and their family.

A 29-year-old house help in Ajman learned her lesson in a hard war about this law when she was sentenced to six months in prison followed by immediate deportation for uploading photos of her Emirati employer’s family on Facebook! According to the report, she uploaded photos of her Emirate employer’s mother and children withough their permission. Aside from illegally uploading photos, she also posted it with an insulting caption.

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This is not only her violation because upon checking her Facebook account, but pictures of her wearing clothes of her employer’s wife are also posted in maid’s account. The worker admitted that she fit the clothes while the wife was on his overseas trip.

According to UAE Law, those who are caught filming or sharing images of other people without their consent may face fine ranging from Dh150,000 (Php2,170,918) to Dh500,000 (Php 7,236,394). The violator will also face jail terms of at least six months, depending on the degree of the offense.

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