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POEA to Discourage Visit Visa Jobseekers in the UAE

To protect Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) from unscrupulous employers, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) is finalizing a resolution that will discourage Filipinos to travel and seek for work in the United Arab Emirates using a visit visa.

To Protect OFWs

According to POEA Head Bernard Olalia, some employers are taking advantage of the worker’s limited stay. Many Filipinos enter UAE with visit visa and eventually search for job opportunities in the said country. But many OFWs are not happy with POEA’s plan against visit visa jobseekers. For some netizens and UAE-based employers, the move is “anti-OFW” and not a business-friendly.

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Olalia emphasized that in the long run, the plan would also protect OFWs not to be a victim of some employers who accept visit visa holder jobseeker in an exchange with a lower salary. He added that POEA cannot stop Filipinos from going abroad because they respect their freedom to travel. POEA head clarifies that they are only discouraging the practice of using visit visas to find jobs because it is an illegal path to migration.

In addition, he encourages Filipinos to undergo a right process through POEA. Without an employment contract, there is a possibility that the right of an OFW to minimum labor standard could not be followed. He said taking salaries below industry standards to affect others such that they are terminated in favor of the visit visa holder.

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