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Rumor Mongering, Underwears Hanged Outside Residences; Now Prohibited In Baguio City

After recently prohibiting uttering curses and bad words in certain part of Baguio City, a new Barangay ordinance is set to criminalize rumor mongering. Spreading rumors have been causing conflict among residents.

In fact, 3-4 cases of conflict among neighbors which was raised on Barangay Upper Quarry in Baguio City every month was caused by rumor mongers. Under the said ordinance, residents are not allowed to chat with each other outside their houses or at the stores

Offenders, after being proven guilty of such offense or identified as rumor mongers will be fined from P300 up to P1,000 with one whole day of community service.

The city government is now looking closely on the said ordinance.

Meanwhile, hanging under wears and undergarments outside residences to dry is also prohibited in certain Barangays in Baguio City particularly in Barangay Holy Ghost Proper. According to the officials of the said barangay, being a tourist destination, hanging undergarments and under wears is an eyesore ruining the beauty of the scenic city.

Offenders will be reminded not to do it again on first offense and if the matter continues, they will be fined P300 for the succeeding offense or they will be given more heavier punishments.

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