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Vacationing OFW Volunteered To Help In The Manila Bay Clean-up

After the official launching of the Manila Bay Clean-up, many volunteers from different sectors have come to participate in the rehabilitation of the once garbage and mud embellished Manila bay.

People from different sectors swarmed Manila Bay with cleaning tools in their hands.

The clean-up was started by registration in the morning, a parade before the clean-up drive commenced.

Tons of trash including plastic wrappers, wood, bamboo sticks, used diapers, and another sort of garbage were removed from the shore.

There are sacks and garbage bins ready for all the trash that the volunteers might accumulate.

The Metro Manila Development Authority also provided cleaning tools and protective gears to the volunteer, while Manila Waters provided a drinking station at one side of Bay Walk. All the volunteers need to do is provide their own water containers and they can refill it in the station for free.

Among the clean-up volunteers is an overseas Filipino worker who worked in Saudi Arabia and is now currently waiting for his agency’s advice of his deployment.

While waiting for his deployment, OFW Nelson Delgado, 41, committed himself in doing his part for cleaning the Manila Bay. For him, the joy of helping to save the environment is bigger than the mockery he gets from people who say he would get nothing out of it but filth and foul odor.

Efforts to rehabilitate the bay had been done before, clean up drive after cleanup drive, but only recently has significant change been observed.

Thousands of volunteers joined the January 27 drive, dubbed as the “Save Manila Bay” project spearheaded by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

For people who feel the spirit of volunteerism, now would be a good time to join the cause to save the bay.

There where estimated 5,000 volunteers from different groups of individuals who devoted their time to help make a significant change on the facade of then filthy and pungent Manila Bay.



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