Why Being An OFW Is Difficult?

Before you even wish and pray to leave and work abroad, just take a few minutes reading this article. Our goal is not to discourage or dishearten you to pursue your dream of working overseas but to help you understand the reality of what the life of an overseas Filipino worker really is.

Yes, we often see OFWs post happy moments. Having good food with friends. What we do not see is the struggles of scrubbing their employer’s toilet. They do not do selfies doing it.

If you chat with them, all they show you is their smile and tell you they are just doing fine. they do not want you to see their sorrow being bullied by co-workers and they are in an extremely stressful situation experiencing a culture shock.

Do you see them alone in the room crying because of homesickness? No. All you can see is their group photos laughing their hearts out.

They took photos of sumptuous meal in front of them and post it on social media. You do not see that every day, they survive with eating eggs and noodles.

They send new stylish clothes that their kids and relatives requested back home while they cannot buy new clothes for themselves.

They use the shoes which they had on the very first day abroad, refraining from replacing it with a new one just to buy new shoes for their kids.

Being an OFW takes a lot of sacrifices.

All it takes just to give their family the best future they can possibly give, they do not hesitate to endure. All of it in the name of love for them.

Now, come to think of all of these:

The awkward feeling.

You are homesick and alone.

Your colleagues stand against you and no one is there for you.

You spend less to send more.

The feeling of being alone and you ask yourself if you can still go on.

We should respect and honor all the OFWs who are willing to take all the risks just for the sake of their beloved family.

Let us pray for them and do not fail to give encouragement whenever we have a chance to talk to them. At least take the initiative to send a message just to say “hi” or just to know if they are doing well.

Also pray that they would someday have enough savings to finally put up a livelihood or business in the Philippines so that there will be no need for them to leave their family behind and work abroad.

God bless all OFWs!