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2,000+ Foreign Workers, Needed in Croatia With Salary of P50,000/Month

Croatia, a country in Europe is in need of more than 2,000 foreign workers including Filipinos! According to the Philippine Association of Service Exporters (PASEI), hospitality workers are the most in-demand work in Croatia. It said that the hospitality sectors need waiters, room attendants, and assistant cooks. A foreign worker in Croatia may earn up to 800 euros or P50,000 month salary depending on its experience on the job.

Aside from workers in the hospitality sectors, PASEI confirms that Croatia is also hiring for high-skilled construction workers such as masons, welders, and plumbers. But according to PASEI President Elsa Villa, they are following the orders of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) that limits the deployment of workers in the construction field abroad due to the manpower shortage here in the Philippines particularly in the infrastructure program of the government dubbed as Build, Build, Build Program.

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DOLE said earlier that they are planning to cut labor deployment up to 90 percent to address the shortage here in the country.

Croatia increased quotas for the hiring of foreign workers last year from 31, 000 to 35, 500 due to the serious labor shortage. The changes were initiated by the Labor Ministry to fulfill the needs of manpower in the tourism industry where the governments economy greatly depends.

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Is there any job orders approved by POEA to Croatia?

Upon checking on the POEA website for jobs bound for Croatia the following are job orders and a number of vacancies as of February 2019!

  • Assistant Cook — 10
  • Cleaning Lady — 10
  • Assistant Waiter — 10
  • Butcher — 27

Interested applicants may apply for the above-mentioned jobs in the following recruitment agency;

Venture Management System Int’l Corp Landbased Agency
Tel No/s : 824-7411
Email Address: [email protected]/[email protected]
Website: www.venturemgntsys.com
Official Representative: MR ROMEO D DALUSONG
Status: Valid License
License Validity: 4/21/2016 to 4/20/2020

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Source: Abs Cbn, POEA

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