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Caloocan City Ordinance Prohibits Wearing Shorts In Public

A city ordinance in Caloocan does not allow women to wear shorts in public as well as men walking around without upper garments. Under City Ordinance 0439 series of 2007, the offense is punishable up to P1000 of fine and imprisonment of not mor than 2 days or they will be ordered to sweep the streets for 2 days.

Although the ordinance was implemented since 2007, you can still see women wearing shorts and topless men roaming around the city.

Residents are also having divided opinion about the ordinance saying it is not applicable in the millennial age where wearing shorts is widely accepted. Some would say it is good that people especially women should wear modest dresses.

A Barangay councilor in Brgy. 132 said they are not implementing the ordinance since people feel comfortable wearing shorts at work especially this summer season.

Under Section 8 of the City ordinance, failure or refusal of the Barangay officials in implementing the ordinance is an administrative offense by the concerned Barangay officials.

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