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Charging Tablet Burst In Flames, 10 Year-old Girl Burned To Blisters

A 10 year old girl’s was rushed to the hospital in
Villanueva, Misamis Oriental  when hr skin was flayed as a tablet being charged burst in flames causing severe burns on the child’s left arms and legs nearly peeling them off. The fire also grazed a part of their house.

They were sleeping when the fire ignited from the charging gadget. relatives of the victim suspected that they used a counterfeit charger which caused the burst.

Technology Editor Art Samaniego said that several gadgets uses lithium-ion batteries which are sensitive to outside conditions like heat, pressure and could explode instantly due to overcharging or if punctured.

Gadgets using this type of battery must not be left unattended nor left on the cars dashboard and heated. Placing a phone or tablet under the pillow while charging because fabrics can accumulare heat and might cause the battery to explode and cause injury to people and damage to property.

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