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Dad Sells Banana Cakes For His Sick Baby

A man from Laguna will do anything for his family especially for his adorable baby boy who was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia.

Aquiro Jazz Detablan or Baby Aki only has roughly two years left to live. A liver transplant is his only chance to prolong his life — an operation that would cost about more than a million and a half. Where would a poor family such as his could possibly get it.

The father, Antonio Detablan of Calamba, Laguna is determined to raise the money in his own little way. With baking skills he learned from his brother, he used is money to make banana cakes which he sells for P120 a piece. He would wake up very early in the morning to prepare the ingredients and bake the only hope he sees to raise the money for his sick baby. When it is done , he would go to his usual spot, in front of the church to sell the banana cakes carrying baby Aki on his arms because his wife , Joy, needs to take care of their other children.

Antonio once had a small bakery but it went bankrupt and closed down when his second kid, Arkhin had a hydrocephalus. Though they had been on tough struggle that time, they somehow managed to pass through it through the help of several Samaritans which served as “hands of God” for them.

It all started when their dear Ai was at nearly five months, his skin started to darken and his eyes started to turn yellow. His stomach also began to bloat.

Because of their financial situation, Antonio and Joy weren’t able to bring him to the hosppital for a check up immediately. That time they were still paying off the loans they spent on Arkhin’shospitalization.

Antonio doesn’t know where they can get the money. They need a kidney transplant for baby Aki immediately. Any amount of time wasted is putting the child at a greater risk.

It may still be a long shot, but for as long as he can still breathe, the fight goes on.

For those who would like to extend help for baby Aki’s kidney transplant, you may send your donations to this bank account:

BDO Calamba Crossing – North Branch
Account name: Aquiro Jazz G. Detablan
Account number: 005910516001

Banana cake para kay Baby Aki. Isang ama ang kumakatok sa ating mga puso. Nagbebenta siya ng banana cake sa gilid ng…

Posted by Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (One at Heart, Jessica Soho) on Saturday, March 16, 2019

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