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Husband Wants His Cheating OFW Wife Deported

Every overseas Filipino workers has a tale to tell about something they needed to sacrifice just for the promise of a better future in working abroad. The sad par is that there is indeed a price to pay when a member of the family decides to work overseas. In the case of this couple, their marriage.

A husband had a suspicion that his OFW wife is having an affair with another man abroad where she is working. After selling all he has, he sought help from a popular TV program to request to bring his wife home.

The husband, whose name was not mentioned in the program, showed photos of his OFW wife, Maria Teresa Espiritu, together with a Pakistani man who is the alleged boyfriend of her spouse. The husband, who became emotional during the call with his wife, pleaded to his wife to return home from Oman as her alleged infidelity is already taking toll on their children.

Espiritu, on her part, denied the accusations, saying that she has no boyfriend and the photos were taken a long time ago. She also said that there are people trying to defame her reputation by uploading them online.

She also said that the photos prove nothing adding that she is not even allowed to leave her sponsors domicile rendering her no chance of meeting other people.

The husband countered and said that Espiritu has not been calling them and that she has also blocked her family on social media.

Tulfo then showed the photos as pieces of evidence of wife’s infidelity. Photos include those posted in social media with sweet messages for the Pakistani man.

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