Nanny Gives A 7-month Old Kuwaiti Baby A Milk Mixed With Her Urine - Bahay OFW

Nanny Gives A 7-month Old Kuwaiti Baby A Milk Mixed With Her Urine

Nannys are trusted by parents to take care of their children. For many parents they give great help to make their life easier. sadly, not all nannies take care care of children as you expected them to do. Just like the case of a Filipino nanny from Kuwait, who has caught mixing her own urine in the baby's milk.

A Filipino domestic worker has been arrested and jailed at a local police station in Kuwait for feeding milk to a seven-month-old Kuwaiti baby mixed with her urine to harm the baby, reports Al-Rai daily quoting security sources. The sources added, when the sponsor of the maid discovered the fact he was shocked by the actions of the maid, he immediately informed the security authorities and the maid was taken for investigation.

The woman confessed to adding her urine to the milk without giving the reasons. The family became suspicious since their baby girls health starts deteriorating.

The Phillippine Embassy in Kuwait is yet to release their statement or confirmation about the case. However, fellow overseas Filipino workers (OFW) who heard the news where skeptical about it saying that being OFWs, they will not put their revenge to an innocent baby even if the parents or the sponsor had done something foul.

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