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OFW In Saudi Allegedly Receives Death Threats Took His Own Life

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Saudi Arabia was found hanging lifeless in his workplace, days after allegedly receiving death threats from his foreign co-workers, the wife of the victim said.

Gilda Merced Dayanan, the wife of the victim Roger Dayanan, said that she knew about the planned suicide of her husband through the victims Filipino friend and co-worker. Gilda was skeptical that Her husband could do it. There was no sign as well that Roger will do it because there was no unusual about him during the last time that they had a video chat.

Until midnight of Wednesday, the wife was calling her husband like they usually do and his phone was just ringing and he was not answering the call. His wife tried to send SMS to his co-worker, Donato asking why her husband was not answering. Donato later sent a message saying that Roger committed suicide by hanging himself.

However , Gilda said that she do not believe that there was no foul play regarding his husband’s death. His husband once told her that there was a certain Riyad, his husband’s co-worker in the farm where they work, has threatened to kill his husband.

She said she believes there was foul play in the death of her husband. Last February, Roger told her that a foreign co-worker, a certain Riyad, had threatened to kill him. Roger had discovered an anomaly that the said co-worker was doing. Since then, the said man was stalking his activities and said he will kill the OFW.

Vice Consul Lemuel Lopez, head of the Assistance to Nationals of consulate, said they have already informed Saudi authorities and Roger’s employer on the matter.

“We are suggesting to the family to have an autopsy conducted kasi ang proseso ng awtopsiya sa Saudi ay hindi automatic most especially sa mga suspicious deaths so we have to ask the ministry of foreign affairs,” Lopez said, adding that an investigation should be done to determine if there was foul play in the supposed suicide of the victim.

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