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OFW Son Almost Killed By His Girlfriend’s Family

A 15-year old son of both overseas Filipino worker (OFW) parents sustained wounds in different parts of his body when he was beaten and left by his assailants in Nagcarlan , Laguna thinking that he was already dead. The suspects were said to be the relatives of the victims of his 14-year-old girlfriend. The incident happened after they both admitted their relationship and admitted that something had happened between them.

The victim, who hailed from Quezon, was reportedly missing for two days. A barangay official found him in the vicinity of Nagcarlan with wounds and bruises all over his body. His ears are also bleeding, prompted the said official to immediately bring him to the nearest hospital.

According to the young lad, he went all the way to Candelaria, Quezon to visit his girlfriend and admit to her family about their relationship. After doing so, the father of his girlfriend and their relatives went berserk and beaten him. Thinking that the victim was already dead, they dumped him somewhere in Nagcarlan, Laguna.

On the follow-up operation, three suspects were nabbed but they firmly deny their involvement while the father of his girlfriend, who said to be the prime suspect, is still at large.

The victim is currently under the custody of his uncle while both of his parents are working in Saudi, Arabia. They say that they will push through the case. The suspects will face illegal detention, serious physical injuries and frustrated murder cases.

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