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Pinay Fired for Mixing Employer’s Drink With Urine

If you are planning to work abroad as a domestic helper one thing you should expect is that your employer’s characteristic will be different from you or from people you know. You are lucky if your employer is good to you but there are instances that your employer’s behavior will be different from what you expect!

Be prepared to handle this kind of situation and do your job diligently to avoid being fired, jailed, fined or deported. Just what happened to a Filipino domestic worker in Saudi Arabia who is fired for mixing urine into her employer’s drink.

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According to reports, the Pinay is 40-years old who has been serving in the household for just three months. According to alias Almira, she mixed urine into her employer’s drink so that they would be nice to her. But her employer smells a foul odor and suspected that there is something in the drink. Although earlier denying it, she confessed to the act after the drink was tested in a laboratory.

Because of the incident, the Pinay got fired and the employer forced her to drink the mixture as a punishment of what she did. In spite of this, she is considered lucky because her employer did not file a case against her.

According to Labor Attaché Nasser Munder of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) Armida’s repatriation is being coordinated with her employment agency. On her part, Armida said she is no longer interested in working abroad again and want to take good care of her kids in the Philippines instead.

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